Goldeneye 007 Nintendo 64 feature

Someone Is Working on a Goldeneye 007 TC Mod for the Original Doom and It Looks Retro-Amazing

Doom and Goldeneye fans, here is something special for you today. ModDb’s member ‘demo_the_doomer’ has announced a Goldeneye 007 de-make for the original Doom (using GZDoom), and has released a demo for you to try.

As ‘demo_the_doomer’ claimed, this total conversion is basically an updated version of the orignal goldeneye007tc that was released for Doom a while back.

This updated version will feature:

  • Comic book style cutscenes, similar to action doom 2
  • Redesigned and reworked levels
  • More Bond One liners
  • 3 model for the tank in the chase level
  • ACS scripted events
  • much much more cool stuff

As said, there is a demo that you can download in order to try this total conversion. The demo features the first level and four new weapons.

The modder has also released a video, showcasing the updated version of the Dam level, that can be viewed below.


Goldeneye007Tc (gzdoom edition) Gameplay footage