Half Life Alyx-7

Someone has recreated the intro from Half-Life: Alyx in Far Cry 5, and you can download it now

Half-Life and Far Cry fans, here is something really interesting for you today. Modder ‘SanktPerkele’ has recreated the intro sequence from Half-Life: Alyx in Far Cry 5. Not only that, but this custom map is currently available for download.

This custom map mixes Half-Life: Alyx with Far Cry 5. As such, you’ll explore a part of City 17, and fight enemies from Far Cry 5. Naturally, you’ll also have access to Far Cry 5 weapons. It’s a pretty cool but simple concept, that most Half-Life fans will find interesting. I mean, those that don’t have a VR headset and cannot play the original version of Half-Life Alyx.

Now after watching this, I’d really want to see Half-Life Alyx in other engines. I mean, it would be cool to see a custom map in CRYENGINE or Unreal Engine 4. Seriously, an Unreal Engine 4 custom map with native Ray Tracing would be so cool.

But anyway, as said this Half-Life Alyx custom map for Far Cry 5 is available for download. If you don’t want to download it, you can go ahead and take a look at the following video.