SOE’s Zombie MMO Game Unveiled – Called H1Z1 – First Details

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed its latest MMO title called H1Z1. H1Z1 is a zombie MMO title that is obviously inspired by Rust and DayZ. The game will feature an open persistent world and is based on Planetside 2’s Forgelight Engine.

H1Z1 will allow players to fully customize their own character and unlike DayZ, you will spawn with all your equipment every time you die. Now this is not set on stone yet, so things may change in the final build.

H1Z1 will sport ground Vehicles, while there is a possibility for air vehicles too.

Players will be able to scavenge in order to repair vehicles, and create forts. Forts will be persistent, and players will be able to burn them down and destroy them.

According to SOE, H1Z1 will be coming to the PC in 4-5 weeks and will be free-to-play.

Enjoy the following video and kudos to our reader “Kirk Langsea” for informing us!

Exclusive H1Z1 Gameplay Footage with John Smedley, President SOE