Sniper Elite V2 PC – Update 1.03 Released, post-launch free DLC confirmed

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Sniper Elite V2 was originally slated for release exclusively on consoles. Fast forward twelve months and here we are with a PC version that runs better than the console one, looks better, comes with an exclusive team deathmatch mode and will receive a free DLC in the near future. Not only that, but Rebellion has released a new update for the PC version that fixes various issues. Way to go Rebellion.
In case you were unaware of, Rebellion is self-funding the PC version, available digitally through Steam and retail outlets with Mastertronic. The game includes Death Match and Team Death Match online multiplayer modes, along with three MP maps at launch and in order to support the PC gaming community, fresh multiplayer content will be available to download at no cost to the consumer.
Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion said:
“Because we’re self-funding the PC version of the game the team has been working right up to the wire to get it done so that we don’t disappoint the game’s fans. We’ve had limited time to finish the PC version and, although we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved, we’re keen to improve and develop the game over the coming months.
Our current plan is to concentrate on multiplayer and, because we want to build and support the community, additional multiplayer maps will be the focus. We’ll also be keeping an eye on forums and customer feedback and will do our best to respond to how people play the game and what they say they’d like to see. We’ve also got some plans for experimental content but nothing’s been decided yet.”
Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion added:
“PC is a platform that we’ve always wanted to support as the fans of Sniper Elite were a really passionate group who were vocal with their support of the game. By providing free DLC after release we’ll be giving PC gamers something extra to make Sniper Elite V2 an even more rewarding game and keep their enjoyment of it going.”
Here is the changelog for Sniper Elite V2’s Update 1.03:
– Fixed failure to progress beyond the lobby in peer games after playing a dedicated server game.
– Player names in lobby chat are no longer coloured according to the player’s current team.
– Player HUD now hidden on death.
– Dedicated server – max players can now be set before adding any maps to the rotation.
– Kill notifications should no longer occasionally show the wrong victim or killer.
– Wind now correctly disabled when set to None in the server settings.
– A new best shot score or best shot distance in an individual session will no longer overwrite the best for all sessions (unless it is the best overall).
– When dead in multiplayer, input in the game menu will no longer be used to respawn the player.
– Multiplayer server list now populates while searching, instead of only when the search completes.
– Multiplayer game time now only starts when the warmup time has elapsed.
– Fixed player getting stuck in the carrying pose if a body is dropped while falling.
– Fixed corruption of player stats after multiple leaderboard updates.
– Attempting to join a passworded server through the Steam overlay or friend invites will now bring up the password entry box.
– Player connection and disconnection notices now shown in the chatbox.
– Various optimisations for people experiencing lower framerates in the full game than in the demo.
– Distance King kill notifications now show the correct score for the game mode instead of the single player score.
– Fire in the Church map will no longer cause instant death on one-hit-kill servers.
– Improved performance/FPS across “Church” multiplayer map.
– Added “-60Hz” command line option to force a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, for users who find the game always boots into an unsupported resolution in fullscreen mode.
– All unlocked levels are now available in the co-op lobby screen, to resolve progression blocker after Flak Tower.