Sniper Elite V2 gets new modes, maps and an all-new one-player mission DLC

Rebellion’s free offering for October’s brings a new multiplayer map for Sniper Elite V2 as well as a new mode, which comes in both individual and Team varieties — Dog Tag Harvest and Team Dog Tag Harvest. They require players to confirm kills by collecting dogtags from fallen enemies. Also, the Neudorf Outpost map (seen in last month’s paid single player DLC) is now available free to all players.
“The Landwehr Canal Pack” provides another brand new single-player mission and three new weapons. The mission tasks players with taking out three German generals as they convene in night-time Berlin. This challenging mission requires players to devise their own plan for success, and provides a stern test of skill, cunning and ingenuity. Some spectaculalrly long pot-shots are on offer for the more daring snipers among you.
The pack also offers two new sniper rifles: by popular demand, The Lee Enfield Mk. III and the Japanese Type 99. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also an MP44 SMG for those slightly closer encounters.
All the above will be available on Steam from today — 18/10/12 — “The Landwehr Canal Pack” comes in at £2.99.

Sniper Elite V2 - DLC Trailer