Skyrim Project Optimization is a mod that improves performance via Occlusion Culling

Modder ‘pritster5’ has released a really interesting mod for Skyrim: Special Edition, Skyrim Project Optimization. This mod basically aims to improve performance in almost all interiors of Skyrim by using Occlusion Culling.

Pritster5 has used a feature called Occlusion Culling, where he manually put occlusion planes in some spots of the interiors to improve performance. As the modder noted, what these occlusion planes do is un-render parts of the cell/objects/NPC’s that are not being seen by the player, in most cases behind a wall or above/below floors. And thanks to this technique, performance is significantly improved in interiors.

This mod is currently compatible with all mods available for Skyrim Special Edition. However, compatibility may break when and if a new mod adds occlusion planes/cubes on the same interiors as this mod does.

Essentially, this mod is a must-have for those already using graphically demanding mods such as Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO), Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX) or custom ENBs. Still, owners of weaker systems will also see a performance increase thanks to this mod in vanilla Skyrim Special Edition.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

As a bonus, we’ve included a below a video that also features some other mods that improve overall performance in Skyrim Special Edition.


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The creator of this mod is RGabriel15. Pritster5 has ported the mod from the original Skyrim to Skyrim Special Edition.