Skyrim Open Cities Mod is one of the most promising ‘gameplay mods’ and is available right now

Seems that some modders have been waiting patiently for the release of the Creation Kit and Steam’s Workshop, as modder Arthmoor has just released a very promising mod for Skyrim. Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind – specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and realism goes a long way, probably a lot more than you might think.
Ever wanted to ride your horse into the center of Riften? Well now you can. Need to get some help from the city guards to vanquish a foe? Run toward the gates and the guards will do their duty while you can seek safety within the walls. The town guards make for some very interesting interactions this way. This will also make running dragon battles that much more interesting since the flow of the battle won’t be interrupted by the loading screen and all of the city guards can be involved at the same time.
Sounds awesome, right? Well, it actually is. The available cities in this early version of Open Cities Skyrim are currently only Markarth and Riften. Fear not though as other cities will be coming in future updates.
Those interested can download it from here or from Steam’s Workshop.