Skyrim meets Crysis 2 with this ‘Fus Ro Dah’ Mod for Crysis 2

Crysis and Skyrim fans, here is something special for you today. Modder an0nym0uzz created a mod in which he introduces Skyrim to Crysis 2. As you may have guessed and from its title, this mod enables you to shout your enemies to oblivion. Hell yeah. You can find its download link, the installation instructions and a video for it below. Enjoy!
Those interested can download it from here.
Here are the installation instructions:
Copy fusrodah dir to Crysis 2\Mods\ dir,
load mod in main menu or launch game with command line Crysis2.exe -mod fusrodah
and start Crysis 2 campaign or replay mission.
Press Z to Shout, required 50% of nanosuit energy.
Crysis 2 FUS RO DAH Mod SDK