Skyrim Graphically Intensive Mods List – Turn Skyrim Into One Of The Most Beautiful Games To Date

As you may all know, we love Skyrim. And in the past, we’ve shared lots of screenshots from its modded version. But how can PC gamers experience such visuals themselves? What mods do they have to download in order to turn Skyrim into a mesmerizing game? Well, our reader ‘Sean’ has shared with us two videos, a couple of screenshots and a list of mods via which you can – literally – transform Skyrim into one of the most beautiful games to date.

As Sean told us, the mods that were used in the following screenshots and videos are:

--Project Reality – Climates of Tamriel V3
--Climates of Tamriel Weather Patch
--Natural Grass Texture Floor
--Pure Waters 2.0
--RealVision ENB 262c
--Skyrim HD – 2K Textures – Full
--HD Plants And Herbs
--Birds and Flocks
--Better Dynamic Snow
--Enhanced Blood Textures
--Static Mesh Improvement Mod
--Unique Grasses And Groundcovers