Sim City V is coming to the PC in 2013, will be a fully 3D title, powered by a new physics engine

During EA’s GDC 2012 press conference, Maxis’ Lucy Bradshaw has announced that Sim City V will hit PCs in 2013. Yeap, it’s official. Sim City V (that will be named simply SimCity as it’s a franchise reboot) is coming to the PC next year and will be a fully 3D title. Contrary to all previous Sim City titles, Sim City V will be the first 3D title and will feature a new game engine. Not only that, but the game will also come with a new physics engine that was developed for it.
Maxis is not trying to make the most complex Sim City V game. They want to offer an entertaining game and that’s their goal.
Lucy hasĀ also acknowledged the passions of Sim City’s modders, so hopefully this new Sim City game will be friendly to modders.
According to Lucy, the development team consists of many veterans from Sim City 2000 and Sim City 4. Good news then as those guys know what they are doing and we won’t have to deal with a new team.
Last but not least, Sim City V will feature Social Flow, which is the term for how your city will affect other people’s cities.. Sounds interesting, but we’ll have to see it in action.
Sim City V is coming, exclusively on the PC!