SFxT PC won’t support local co-op, no physical copies for purchases via Capcom USA Store

We hate to be the bearers of bad news. Unfortunately though, a nice co-op feature that was found in the PS3 version of Street Fighter x Tekken won’t find its way into the upcoming PC version. Local co-op allows two players to go online as a team on one console and play. This feature is not supported in the X360 version of the game and as Capcom’s Christian Svensson revealed, it won’t be included even in the PC version.
According to some earlier reports of Svensson, Capcom didn’t feature local co-op in the X360 version due to  time and resource issues. The team obviously didn’t have enough time to get that feature into the Xbox 360 version but the PC version is still in development, so why Capcom is not looking into integrating it? Noone seems to know (well, off the record, you do know that this is a port and Capcom won’t invest a lot of time and resources into implementing such a feature that wasn’t supported in the X360 version, the version in which the PC version is based on).
As Sven said when fans asked about this feature:
“With regard to this feature, it will function identically to the X360 version, which does not have couch co-op that can go online.”
In other news, Sven has also confirmed that Capcom won’t be making physical copies of SFxT for those who decide to buy the game via Capcom’s USA Store. In case you were unaware of, SFxT PC will be distributed in USA only as a digital copy. European gamers will be able to get their hands on both digital and physical copies. Capcom was looking into producing some European SFxT discs for the Capcom USA Store however, this is also something that is not going to happen.
“Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not going to be able to get our hands on the physical copies for the Capcom store for North America. Sorry guys. I’d bet there will be other mailorder stores in Europe that will ship back this way though.”
Street Fighter x Tekken PC is currently slated for a May 11th release!