Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter – New Update Released

Okay, now this is a great surprise. Croteam has just rolled out a new update for the HD remake of Serious Sam’s second encounter. Not only that, but the changelog is quite big with lots of fixes and additions. You’d expect Croteam to be focused on the latest adventures of Serious Sam but no, the Croatian team is still supporting this old title. So kudos to them and as always, this update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Update Changelog:
– Voice chat now works again. It stopped working after Steam codec was changed from Speex to Silk, due to different traffic requirements and packet sizes.
– Increased max client inbound bps default to 12000 and max client outbound bps to 10000 (needed for increased voice traffic).
– Added barriers on Fortress level to close windows from which player could fall out of level.
– Prevented falling through floor that was possible by jump-crouching at low framerates.
– Fixed crash when Ugh Zan appears in network.
– Prevented super-fast Laser firing when quickly pressing/releasing the fire button.
– Player models now have ragdolls (e.g. when killed in versus).
– Added blood sound to player’s destruction so it is heard when player is gibbed.
– Grenade launcher item model now uses the same scheme (sound, particles) as all other weapons.
– New Versus map: ShottyTrouble. It is same as LittleTrouble but with double shotgun’s only
– Prevented scripts starting during warmup, which caused sniper never to spawn on Jump Over versus map.
– Sniper weapon hint will not be shown in versus.
– Player will always be able to pick up health and armor in Versus modes.
– Fixed problem with sounds repeatedly played from trigger heard only once on client.
– “Match is tied” announcement was never played.
– Item disabling game options now work in deathmatch games.
– Sniper mask didn’t get rendered if weapon rendering is disabled.
– View bobbing option now also affects weapon bobbing.
– Serious damage item will be hidden during the first 120 seconds of the game.
– Sniper now deals 80 damage without scope and 160 damage with scope in deathmatch games.
– Grenade launcher now deals 100 damage on direct hit (40 direct + 60 range) in deathmatch.
– Added safeguard to re-award previously earned achievements, in case Steam didn’t register them.
– Fixed bug in life awarding on score: if you reached exactly the same score as the life awarding milestone, then you would never receive score for that milestone.
– Picking up armor which is not needed (happens in deathmatch) should not decrease current armor.
– Added timeout to server list queries, since they sometimes take a very long time.
– Fixed voice options not properly being set from cvars when starting.
– Fixed the chat console cursor which incrementally floated away from the text with each successive text line.
– Fixed the chat console input string corruption that happens when the last character is cut because it contains more bytes then it fits the string buffer maximum size.
– Updated string wrapper in the chat console to work with unicode strings.
– Fixed potential crash when canceling matchmaking queries.