Serious Sam 3 Protection V2 – Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s DRM pwnage

Oh boy, I really feel sorry for all those pirates out there. The first DRM protection routine that Serious Sam 3 introduced was the immortal scorpion. You thought that it was the only one, right? Well guess again as Croteam has included and a second DRM feature that forces the player to look up in the sky while spinning uncontrollably. Oh yeah, those who decide to pirate Serious Sam 3 will be forced to look up in the sky at one point and won’t be able to progress. This is really hilarious – well, not as much as the adorable immortal scorpion but still – and you can view a video of it, in action, after the jump. Start taking notes developers cause this is how DRM should actually be. Enjoy!
Serious Sam 3 DRM Protection V2 (HD)