Sentinel temp

Sentinel is a new FPS using Unreal Engine 5 from former Halo and Call of Duty developers

Pathless Productions, a team of former Halo and Call of Duty developers, have announced a new FPS game that will be using Unreal Engine 5, Sentinel.

Sentinel is in a very early development stage right now. According to the devs, it will be a fun sandbox coop-focused experience where you play as a Space Viking trying to save what’s left of humanity.

In order to somehow promote the game, Pathless Productions released the following trailer. This trailer is from a vertical slice demo, meaning that nothing in it is representative of the final product. Its quality is also a bit low and the video is full of artifacts. Furthermore, it doesn’t appear to be THAT impressive (at least for UE5 standards). So yeah, keep your expectations in check before watching it.

Although Pathless Productions has not revealed any platforms for it yet, we can safely assume that it will be coming to PC. That is of course if the developers manage to find a publisher for it.


Sentinel Demo Trailer