Dark Souls Remastered feature

Dark Souls Remastered gets a brand new massive overhaul mod

Modder ‘KingBoreHaha’ has released a massive overhaul mod for Dark Souls Remastered, called Shadow of the Eclipse. This mod focuses on polishing rough parts of the game and packs tens of thousands of changes.

According to the modder, Shadow of the Eclipse overhauls covenants into unique single-player experiences. Additionally, it tweaks weapons, enemy AI, movesets, maps, stats, quests, and pretty much every single other aspect of the game.

In short, this is a cool gameplay mod for everyone that has already finished the game. By using it, you can completely change the way you play this classic Souls game.

You can download the mod from here. This mod is also available for the Prepare To Die Edition. And lastly, here is a trailer for it.

Have fun!

Dark Souls: Shadow of the Eclipse Mod Release Date Trailer