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Runner’s Doom 3 v1.5 released, adding “Real Random Encounters”

Last week, we informed you about an amazing mod for Doom 3, called Runner’s Doom 3. Runner’s Doom 3 attempted to turn id Software’s horror FPS into a run-n-gun shooter, and its latest version brings real random encounters.

Modder ‘rulesnote’ has added nearly 100 to 200 new spawn points to each map in almost all of the original campaigns. Moreover, the results of “Random Encounter” are, as the name implies, random. Thus, you’ll be fighting completely different types of enemies whenever you replay the game’s campaign maps.

This new “Real Random Encounters” feature sounds amazing, and will give Doom 3 a breath of fresh air. Now add to this the new frenetic run-n-gun gameplay, and you got yourselves a mod that can completely change the way you experience this Doom game.

You can download Runner’s Doom 3 v1.5 from here.

Have fun!

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