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Sea of Thieves Lost Treasures Update improves Tall Tales, brings gameplay improvements, adds new PC graphics setting

Rare has announced that the Lost Treasures Update for Sea of Thieves is now available for download. As the press release reads, Lost Treasures courts pirates to revisit Tall Tales. Tall Tales are Tall Tales Sea of Thieves’ story-driven adventures that feature tooltips, checkpoints and new time-limited rewards.

Lost Treasures also introduces Daily Bounties; mini-objectives that could have you doing everything from exploring far-off lands to turning in treasures to earn gold and rewards. Moreover, players can expect new weekly and one-off events.

This update also comes with a number of gameplay improvements. For instance, it adds a new Armoury to the Ferry, allowing you to change your equipped weapons before respawning. It also reduces the distance at which your mermaid appears when swimming in open water.

Furthermore, the Lost Treasures Update adds a new graphics setting for PC, allowing players to adjust the character animation quality. On higher-spec machines, this will provide a smoother experience when multiple players are on-screen. However, this may also increase the game’s CPU requirements.

In order to celebrate the release of this update, Microsoft and Rare have released the following trailer.

Lastly, you can find the complete changelog for the Sea of Thieves Lost Treasures Update here.