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Sea of Thieves had 11 million unique players in 2020, PC accounts for 50% of total players

Rare has released a new developer diary, in which it stated that Sea of Thieves had 11 million unique players in 2020. Furthermore, the team has stated that the playerbase is now 50/50 between PC and Xbox.

As we’ve already reported, the game hit its 10 million players in January 2020. Now in case you’re wondering, that number was the total number of players, and not the number of unique players.

Additionally, Sea of Thieves’ Steam release attracted 1 million new players within a month. Of course, we already knew about this as Rare announced this Steam goal back in July 2020. Sea of Thieves came out on Steam on June 3rd, and currently has Very Positive Reviews.

Rare has also claimed that Sea of Thieves will receive big content updates every 3 months.

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