SCORN, first-person horror game, has been delayed to 2019

Ebb Software has announced that its upcoming first-person horror game, SCORN, has been delayed until 2019. SCORN has been in development for a few years and the development team decided to delay it – after receiving enough funds – in order to further polish it.

Ebb Software claimed that it managed to sign an excellent deal with the great investment fund and acquire additional funds for the development of Scorn and as such, it is now in an excellent position to create much better quality and fully realize its vision.

“The fund in question is very hands-off regarding creative elements of the game, and that was the primary reason why we decided to go through with the deal. Creative freedom is the most important aspect for us as a studio. From the very beginning of the project we wanted to create a game without too many compromises, and that indeed isn’t an easy task.”

As a result of this new deal, and the team’s new focus on improving the game, Scorn Part 1 of 2: Dasein will not be released this year. And to be honest, this is fine by me. SCORN is the third first-person horror ‘small-budget’ title I’ve been looking forward to and since both Agony and Inner Chains have disappointed me, I really don’t mind Ebb Software taking some extra time so it can polish the game.