Saints Row: The Third Leaked One Month Before Release

Okay, this is really shocking – and at the same time disappointing – to say the least. The PC version of Saints Row: The Third has just been leaked to various torrent sites and no, this is not a joke. According to our sources, this is a Clone DVD version and weights around 8.56GB. Thankfully the game hasn’t been cracked yet but what worries us is that the cracking groups have over a month to figure out its protection system and crack it.
And here comes the speculation. Saints Row: The Third is slated for release next month on 18th. The fact that there is already a CloneDVD version could mean that the game was either leaked by someone working at Volition/THQ, or that the PC version is already Gold. The companies however haven’t stated any Gold status as of yet, so this is really puzzling at this point.
According to both THQ and Volition, the PC version of Saints Row: The Third won’t be a simple port. In addition, the game will feature native support for AMD’s Eyefinity. Ironic, isn’t it? Let’s just hope that this leak won’t impact PC version’s sales.