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RPCS3 – Most Promising PS3 Emulator – Version 0.0.6 Released, Adds DirectX 12 Support

The team behind RPCS3, the most promising PS3 emulator that is currently under development, has released a new version for it. According to the team, this new version adds DX12 support, as well as a recompiler.

The team aims to also support Vulkan in the near future, so this is definitely good news for everyone.

This latest version of RPCS3 comes with lots of improvements to HLE and some improvements to the GUI.

However, as the team noted, the emulator is still not able to run any AAA games or other big games.

Still, things are definitely progressing which is good. I mean, this is perhaps one of the few – if not the only – legit Playstation 3 emulators that can be downloaded right now.

Those interested can download the latest version of PCS3 from here (or from here as the previous link was taken down).