Risen is now TAGES-free on Steam

Risen 2 is almost upon us and a lot of PC gamers are currently re-playing its first part. Now we know that some PC gamers were/are boycotting games with TAGES protection system and Risen was one of them. Thankfully, Piranha Bytes has released a new update that removes this protection system from their game. Yes, Risen is now TAGES-free so go ahead and get it if you were boycotting it this whole time.
We should note though that the game is still installing the TAGES files. However, you will notice the TAGES protection system is not running in the background while playing Risen. Moreover, you can go ahead and uninstall the TAGES drivers and Risen will work just fine.
Risen was an amazing game and a true spiritual successor of the Gothic series. The game needed a little more polished as the final battle was underwhelming and rushed out, but overall, we can pretty much say that it was a great game.
Let’s hope that Risen 2 will be even better!