Old-school dungeon crawler ‘Legend of Grimrock’ will be released on April 2012 for the PC

Indie game developer Almost Human has announced that their old-school dungeon crawler game, Legend of Grimrock, is coming to the PC in April. Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawl game with great atmosphere, puzzles, combat and RPG elements. The game will be real-time instead of turn based, as the team feels that it goes well with the atmosphere of the game since the player can be surprised by creeping monsters and the mood of the combat is more intense.
Timing is an essential tactical element and their puzzles also benefit from working in real time. Real time gameplay also helps Almost Human differentiate from a number of other dungeon crawl games that have been released over the years.
The team has added 40 Achievements and the save game dialog has been reworked. Almost Human is currently preparing a launch trailer for their title and pre-orders will start a few weeks before the game’s launch.
You can view an old video from its beta version below. Enjoy!
Legend of Grimrock Beta Trailer