Nordic Games to distribute Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition and Gothic Complete Collection on April 2nd

Nordic Games announced today that it has concluded a distribution agreement with Piranha Bytes for all existing titles of the Gothic Universe. The following new editions will be available in retail stores on 2 April 2012. Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition will feature Gothic 3 and Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods in extensively improved editions, financed by Nordic Games, while Gothic Complete Collection will include all Gothics (Gothic, Gothic 2, Gothic 2 Night of the Raven, Gothic 3 Enhanced and Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced) forged into one incredible edition.
In addition to the already via patch download available Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced, the Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition will further let the main game Gothic 3 shine in new splendour. These improved versions of both Gothic 3 titles will also be an integral part of the new Gothic Complete Collection.
Here are the box content of both editions:
Gothic 3 Gold Enhanced Edition:
•High-quality steel-book packaging
•2 DVDs: Disc 1: Gothic 3 Enhanced, Disc 2: Gothic 3 Add-On Enhanced
•1 poster
•1 sticker sheet with 6 stickers (on white paper)
•1 post card
Gothic Complete Collection:
•High-quality packaging
•3 DVDs: 2 Game Discs and 1 Making of DVD
•1 Gothic Art book (100 pages)
•2 separate posters (A3)
•1 sticker sheet with 7 stickers (on transparent foil)
•6 Post cards