Risen 2: Dark Waters To Use Steamworks as its Protection System

Deep Silver announced yesterday at Risen 2’s forum that this much anticipated RPG will actually use Steamworks as its protection system. Deep Silver decided to choose Valve’s DRM was because Steam offers an automated update system which allows all customers to  play the latest version of Risen 2 since all patches will be delivered  automatically to their PC. Steam has been running stable on millions of  PCs out there, so it provides the reliability Deep Silver needs.
Moreover, the retail version won’t require a DVD in the drive if the product has  been added to a Steam account, which is good news for all of us that prefer the boxed version but can’t be bothered to put the DVD each and every time we want to play the game.
Deep Silver has also informed us that the Steam account itself has been further fortified by the optional Steam Guard system which adds another layer of security.
Last but not least, players will only be required to be online once – to link their game to their Steam account and  afterwards they will be able to play offline and without DVD in the drive. And yes, players will be able to install Risen 2 from their Steam account on as many systems they like.