Rise Of The Triad Gets A Massive Update That Adds Mod Tools

Rise of the Triad

Interceptor Entertainment has released a huge update for Rise of the Triad – that weights around 1GB – and adds quicksaves and the much anticipated Ludicrous Development Kit. In addition, this patch comes with lots of fixes for both the SP and the MP mode, adds support for community multiplayer and single player maps, and adds proper map rotation enabled to its MP Dedicated Server tool. As usual, the patch will be auto-downloaded next time you launch Steam, and you can view its changelog below. Have fun!

Rise of the Triad Update 1.2 Changelog:

Major Updates:

* Ludicrous Development Kit now available to all owners of ROTT
* Quicksave System Implemented (By default – F5 Saves, F6 Loads) Option to Load Quicksave now available upon death
* Multiplayer master servers available in offline mode (You no longer have to login at all, even to play online MP)


* Added support for community multiplayer maps
* Added support for community singleplayer maps
* Credits no longer abruptly end after the old Scott’s Mystical Head appears
* Fixed 100% achievements and multiple achievements for SP maps and weapons (All achievements should now work properly)
* Ending dog mode with alt fire while having mercury no longer stops flight. Keep on flyin’


* Quickload score penalties implemented for quicksaving/quickloading
* Clicking “Restart Checkpoint” before the first checkpoint of the level no longer causes you to spawn with only a pistol.
* Pressing Crouch key during loading screens no longer locks player into crouched state. Get up, stand up!
* E1L1 – Out of bounds Rocket Jump fixed
* E1L3 – Fixed areas you could get trapped in
* E1L3 – Fixed Minor missing texture
* E1L4 – Clipping lockers in gold key room fixed
* E2L1 – Fixed Minor Fireball Emitter Mis-alignment
* E2L2 – Fixed Minor Blade Runner spinblade Issue
* E2L2 – Fixed “halls of fire” ridiculously low frame rate at lava pit
* E2L2 – You can no longer trigger multiple room switches in without needing a key, stop exploiting The Room!
* E2L2 – “evelator trouble” elevator will now move on, when shooting both guards with rocket
* E2L3 – Fixed fireball trap on “urge to kill rising” checkpoint not doing anything upon loading from overworld
* E2L3 – Enforcer is no longer too shy to emerge from his shipping container. C’mere fatty.
* E2L4 – Spinning traps are now dealing damage in lava room
* E2L4 – “You need the Bronze” text fixed
* E2L4 – Stationary boulder will no longer trigger an instankill on player
* E2L4 – No longer Possible to break the Fun House secret without needing the keys
* E3L1 – No more Bleeding walls. Yeah, we know this one was wierd.
* E3L1 – Player can no longer get caught on the wall above jump pad
* E3L1 – ‘Domo Arigato’ – the wall Mr. Roboto explodes from will now disappear correctly
* E3L3 – Remastered Music now plays correctly.
* E3L3 – Blade traps in the level are no longer resisted by Asbestos armor. SORRY.
* E3L3 – Railings in the missile silo that aren’t on the top floor can no longer be rocket jumped over to get stuck under the map
* E3L3 – Overworld progress reset warning removed
* E3L4 – Bounce-pad to second checkpoint no longer bugs out. Silly bounce pads.
* E3L4 – Untextured section under GADS prior to Harrison Fjord Checkpoint now fixed
* E3L4 – Fixed players falling through geometry in The Pit. You know where it is…
* E3L4 – Fixed buggy staircase
* E4AL – Uberpatrol will no longer suffer from “Stretchy Gibs”
* E4L1 – Overworld checkpoint names fixed to correctly match in-game checkpoints
* E4L1 – “Run Like Heaven” Area is now unloaded correctly
* E4L1 – Lava wall in secret exit now hurts player correctly. Oooh, hot.
* E4L1 – “Sin Reloaded” (“Part 2” from main menu) now spawns enemies correctly from checkpoint load
* E4L2 – Backtracking from the last checkpoint is now fixed
* E4L2 – Ending the level with classic music, now plays classic level end music


* Ludicrous Dedicated Server tool now has proper map rotation enabled
* DM4 Testing Tube – “paths need to be rebuilt” message now gone
* Water in Dunes of Hazard no longer slows the player down and you will not get stuck in water while in dog mode
* Quickly unloading all your alt-fire no longer gets you stuck with no weapon and only a crosshair

Rise of the Triad - Version 1.2 - Ludicrous Development Trailer