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Returnal will be coming to PC with NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR support

The PC version of Returnal is perhaps the worst-kept secret right now. After all, we’ve already seen multiple hints about it. And yesterday, Iron-Era shared a video in which we get to see some of the game’s PC graphics settings.

Returnal uses Unreal Engine 4 and will support both NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR on PC. From the looks of it, though, the game will support FSR 1.0 and not FSR 2.0. Theoretically, non-RTX owners will be able to use this mod in order to replace DLSS 2 with FSR 2.1.

It’s worth noting that Returnal was present in one of the biggest leaks of unannounced PC games we’ve ever seen. My guess is that Sony will officially reveal the PC version after the release of UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

Sony has taken down the video but you can find below a screenshot from the graphics settings.

Stay tuned for more!

Returnal DLSS FSR