Retchid feature

Retchid is a new FPS that is heavily inspired by Doom 3

From Beneath Software has released in Early Access its new FPS game, Retchid, which is heavily inspired by Doom 3. In a way, this is what a modern-day version of Doom 3 could look like on a modern engine. And yes, this is another game that uses Unreal Engine (in this case it’s UE4 and not UE5).

Retchid is described as an immersive, atmospheric, and methodically paced First Person Shooter, containing some cosmic horror influences and a pinch of Mesoamerican themes. The game promises to have intense and visceral combat combined with exploration and light puzzle solving.

Its final version will have over 20 non-linear levels split across 3 episodes. From Beneath Software aims to hand-craft each level to create a unique experience. Thus, the game’s level design philosophies will be similar to the older generation games.

Players will be able to discover secrets, find collectibles, weapon and suit upgrades, and find PDAs to learn what happened at the TEC Mining facility.

Enjoy the following trailer!

Retchid Release Gameplay Trailer - Out now