Resident Evil 2 Remake PC demo is available and its 30-minute limitation has already been cracked

The PC demo of Resident Evil 2 Remake has been released and as the title suggests, a crack has been released that disables the annoying 30-minute limitation. This basically means that by using this crack, PC gamers can play for more than 30 minutes this demo.

What this crack/trainer basically does is freeze the demo timer. Moreover, this trainer provides players with infinite ammo, super speed, and the ability to not reload the weapons.

Those interested can download the crack from here. We went ahead and scanned it and the trainer does not contain any virus, so you shouldn’t be experiencing any issues using it.

According to its instructions, you can reset the counter by starting the trainer and then pressing Numpad 1 while you are in the menu or playing the demo. Alternatively, you can alt-tab and close the game process (from your Task Manager) while the trainer is still running and then reload the demo.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of PC gamers will find this crack/trainer interesting as they will allow them to explore the environments, which is why we’ve decided to share it.

Have fun!