Resident Evil 2 Remake – Ada Wong Nude Mod is now available for download

Well, it was only a matter of days. After the Claire Redfield nude mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake, we kind of guessed that the next big mod for this remake would be a naked mod for Ada Wong. And it appears that we were right as modder ‘MisterHecks’ has just released a naked mod for Ada Wong. 

This mod replaces Ada from the red dress to completely nude, however do note that the installation requires the FluffyQuack mod manager in order to work. Furthermore, and during Leon’s campaign, you must use an alternate costume (like the Classic costume) to see naked Ada from the parking lot cutscene onward.

As the modder noted, this Ada Wong nude mod does not replace the Coat version of Ada. Also, after Ada falls into the scraps and injures her leg, the model will swap back to the red dress due to the game using a different model after that point. A brand new version of this mod will be released soon that will also replace that injured model.

Furthermore, and if that wasn’t enough, gamers can also play as naked Ada at any point, by using the Swap model feature of FluffyQuack trainer in the mod manager. Now this sounds cool as I’m pretty sure that a lot of players wanted to play the game with Ada Wong.

This will be the last nude mod we’re covering for Resident Evil 2 Remake (as we’ve basically covered the main two female protagonists). We know that a lot of players wanted to play as Ada Wong (and see her naked) so this is a mod that most will find interesting. From what we’ve seen so far, the modders are not into modding Leon Kennedy with a naked mod so there is no point at all sharing any other naked mods for Capcom’s latest title. After all, we haven’t shared the Injured Naked Mod for Claire Redfield as there wasn’t any point sharing it.

But anyway, those interested can download the mod by visiting Resident Evil 2 Remake’s NexusMods section and search for “Ada Naked Mod”. Just make sure to allow Adult content from your NexusMods profile!