Resident Evil 1.5 – Fans recreate cancelled Resident Evil 2 Game

Remember the cancelled Resident Evil 2 game? Yeap, that one with Elsa Walker and Leon Kenedy? Well, good news everyone as a team of fans is currently recreating it. YouTube’s member ‘MrBZork’ has uploaded a video that showcases some of the action from this cancelled game. What is interesting here is that the video features some brand new – never before seen – scenes, suggesting that this is indeed a fan-made project or a¬†total conversion¬†for Resident Evil 2. There are hints for a Christmas reveal, though nothing is certain at this point. Naturally, since the team does not want to give away much – in order to avoid a C&D letter from Capcom – take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy!
Resident Evil 2 - Halloween Teaser