Reset Struggles With Its IndieGoGo Campaign, 18 Hours Left To Raise €10K [UPDATE: Funded]

Reset v2

Reset is a game I really want to see hitting our platform. And although it looked like its IndieGoGo campaign would be failing a week ago, today we can say that there is still hope. Theory Interactive has managed to get really close to its initial €65K goal as it needs to raise €10K in the next 18 hours in order to meet it, so here is a final push for that crowd-funding game.

Those interested can back it up by visiting its IndieGoGo campaign.

It also seems that Reset has already gathered some dedicated fans. Here is Santeri Raiha’s request for a new coverage of Reset’s IndieGoGo campaign:

“And now the begging part: Please do this!  Pretty please with a cake, that is not a lie, with a divine cherry that has your gorgeous features carved in it. Pretty please with a crazy catlady throwing talking cats that all say “pretty please!”. Pretty please with a Giant Ooze destroying a village, as the villagers, as their last effort, die in a positions that form a villagewide corpsetext saying “Pretty please!” Pretty please with an alternative universe, where the only words that people can say is “Pretty please!” over and over again.

You can truly be the santaclaus that people need and want. You can be a Christmas superhero, that saves the game industry, also earth. If you do this, gods aren’t smiling for you, because you are The New Gods! (smiling optional). I am forever in your debt. I will spend my free time clicking all the commercials on your site. And if you do this, I Will Quit Smoking (have been smoking for 15 years)!
And that’s a promise and I will deliver!

Do it for gamers. Do it for Christmas. Do it for me and you. Do it for mankind. Do it for the memory of all the people that died in the tragic Ooze attack!”

Now that’s the kind of emails we like reading. Congrats Santeri and this article is dedicated to your email.

Here is hoping that Theory Interactive will meet Reset’s IndieGoGo goal!

Reset Gameplay Teaser


And a Christmas miracle has just happened. Reset’s IndieGoGo campaign has meet its initial €65K goal almost 13 hours before ending. Theory Interactive has released a stretch goal, meaning that if the campaign surpasses the €75K mark, it will get a Director’s Cut version. Theory Interactive may hit that goal, but the point here is that the game has been funded and Reset will be coming on our platform!