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Report: Sapphire claims that AMD will announce the Navi XT and Navi Pro GPUs on May 27th

A Sapphire spokesperson may have just spilled the beans for AMD’s upcoming NAVI graphics cards. According to the report, AMD will announce the first two 7nm NAVI GPUs on May 27th, and these GPUs will be codenamed Navi XT and Navi Pro.

It is said that the Navi XT graphics card will be priced at $499 whereas the Navi Pro GPU will be priced at $399. The specs for these graphics cards have not been revealed, though there are rumours suggesting that AMD will officially reveal these Navi graphics cards on May 27th.

AMD will deliver a keynote at Computex 2019 in Taiwan on Monday, May 27th, and we expect the red team to paper launch these GPUs during that event. Do note that, from what we’ve heard thus far, this will be a paper launch, meaning that we won’t get a full demonstration of the NAVI GPUs. Rumours suggest that a full on launch and demonstration will be held at E3 2019 on June 10th.

Thanks WCCFTech and kudos to our reader ‘Metal Messiah’ for bringing this to our attention