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Report: Premium PC segment saw the greatest growth in December 2017

According to SuperData’s worldwide digital video games stats for December 2017, the premium PC segment saw its greatest growth. This jump is really close to the one we witnessed back in October 2017, as the premium PC segment saw a similar growth.

As SuperData noted, the worldwide digital video games market grew 17% year-over-year in December. The Social and Pay-to-Play segments shrank 4% and 10%, respectively, whereas the Premium PC segment saw the greatest growth this month, up 28%. Furthermore, the mobile and Free-to-play segments continue to grow, 27% and 3%, respectively.

Going into slightly more details, Destiny 2’s new DLC release, Curse of Osiris, failed to make a significant impact on the game. Grand Theft Auto V set another record month as GTA V Online broke its previous revenue record back in June 2017, making it the title’s best month to date for its multiplayer segment.

What’s also interesting is that Fortnite Battle Royale earned $89 million in December. As SuperData noted, there is a close-to-even audience split on PC and consoles, meaning that there are more gamers playing on the PC than on Xbox One or PS4.

Last but not least, here are the top 10 games by platform for December 2017.