Report: Plenty of PS4 games also running on the PC during E3 2013

E3 2013
A couple of days ago, we informed you about a pretty ‘common’ story. As CinemaBlend reported, there were a number of PCs running XBOne titles during this year’s E3. Naturally, a lot wondered whether Sony was also using our platform to showcase its titles and despite some earlier reactions from a couple of developers, it seems that PCs were also used to power some PS4 games.
In its latest podcast, Giantbomb revealed that there were a lot of PCs running PS4 games during E3 2013.
While talking about Dead Rising 3 and its current development state, Giantbomb’s editors stated that both XBOne and PS4 titles were running on PCs.
As Giantbomb’s editors claimed (1:09:05):
“Developers have plenty of good reasons to be showing games running on PCs, that’s a totally normal thing. It’s been really weird to watch Internet… everybody is freaking out about games running on PCs… plenty of PS4 games were running on PCs… all the demos of PS4 that I saw were running on PCs.”
In short, Dead Rising 3 was most obviously running on a dev kit – showcasing the current state of the game – while other titles were simply running on PCs. Now this does not mean that ALL PS4 and XBOne games were running on PCs. No, that’s not what we’re claiming.
However, it’s pretty obvious by now that games from both parties have been reported running on PCs instead of dev kits or the actual consoles. And that’s something that may disappoint console gamers the moment they get their hands on those titles, witnessing worse visuals than those advertised/showcased!