Remedy removes Control’s October 2019 Update & Photo Mode from PC due to always-online bug/issue

Remedy has just removed Control’s October 2019 update and its Photo Mode from the PC due to an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. According to the team, the latest update had an issue that forced players to be online in order to play. That was not intentional and Remedy has rolled back the PC version until it fixes it.

Moreover, this latest update broke compatibility with the Steam controller. Similarly to the always-online issue, this was not intentional.

The team is currently working on fixing these issues and will release a new version of the October 2019 Update soon. Unfortunately, though, there is no ETA on when this update will come out.

Lastly, Remedy re-affirmed gamers that these were just issues and nothing more. In other words, Epic Games did not force Remedy to implement an always-online feature.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted, so stay tuned for more!