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Remedy on the PC version of Control: “No, it’s not downgraded”

Last month, Remedy revealed the official PC requirements for Control. However, last week the team lowered the game’s PC specs, something that puzzled a number of gamers. Due to these lower PC specs, some gamers began wondering whether the PC version was downgraded. Thankfully, Remedy states that the game has not been downgraded on our platform.

As Remedy’s PR manager Thomas Puha wrote on Resetera, Remedy has not downgraded the PC version of Control.

“No, its not downgraded.”

Still, it remains a mystery as to how Remedy was able to reduce the game’s PC requirements. Were the initial PC specs too high or is the team trying to make the game appear “lighter” than it actually is?

Control will release on August 27th and promises to feature some truly great visuals. The game will be using the Northlight Engine, and will take advantage of real-time ray tracing effects. Remedy will be using real-time ray tracing for reflections, contact shadows, diffuse global illumination and transparent reflections.

Stay tuned for more!