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Remedy is working on a third unannounced game

During its Gamescom 2018 real-time ray tracing presentation, Remedy revealed that it is working on a third unannounced game. Remedy is currently working on Control (and owns the IP) and on the story mode for CrossFire 2, is further developing its Northlight Engine, and is working on this third unannounced project.

Unfortunately the team did not reveal any additional details about this project, so we don’t know whether it’s a VR game, a mobile game, a multiplayer game or a casual one. We’re completely in the dark regarding this project and Remedy has not revealed any additional details about it.

Remedy also showcase the real-time ray tracing effects that it will be using in Control. The team will be using ray tracing for Ray Traced Reflections, Ray Traced Diffuse Global Illumination and Contact Shadows for most influential light sources.

Below you can find the full presentation!

Nvidia RTX Control