Remedy’s Control will be using a new physics engine

Remedy’s Control is a title we are really looking forward to. And according to its director, Mikael ‘Mixu’ Kasurinen, the game will be using a new physics engine that the team cannot reveal just yet.

As Kasurinen told VG247:

“There are elements to it that I’m not sure I can talk about. We have an awesome physics engine, that’s what I can tell you. We’re using middleware, but I’m not sure it’s information we can release yet.

I feel like there’s an opportunity with physics-based gameplay that I think some games have attempted in the past – great games like Psi-Ops and Second Sight, which we really like – but it was also limited in a way. I’m not saying Psi-Ops is a bad game, but they took an approach where you felt the limitations of the physics. We didn’t want to have it like: ‘Here’s this table you can pick up, but you can’t pick up the chair’. We wanted to have it so if it looks like you can pick it up, you can. If it looks like you can destroy it, you can.”

Now this really sounds great as it’s been a while since we saw a physics-based triple-A title. To Kasurinen’s credit, all the gameplay trailers for Control showcased this advanced new physics engine so this does not seem like a PR or an over-hyped statement.

Control will also take advantage of real-time ray tracing, so it will be interesting to see how the game will perform on the PC platform as Quantum Break – Remedy’s previous game – requires a really high-end GPU in order to be enjoyed with 60fps at 1080p (without its re-construction techniques).