Relive Far Cry with Crysis’ graphics; Far Cry 2010 Chapter 1 Mod Released

Far Cry 2010 is a mod by Didjay that started in April 2010 and attempts to remaster Crytek’s first open-world game. This mod is not a “simple one” that simply changes a few textures and various other small changes here and there but a complete redesign of every level. And it does look sexy and similar to Crysis vanilla.
According to the modder, several models of vegetation have been redesigned since the demo version and these are more detailed and are even closer to the ones of Crysis. Other elements of FarCry were also redesigned as for example the river at the first level Training. It’s current has been designed to follow the direction taken by the River and this makes it more realistic; when a mercenary dies and falls into it, his body will be taken away and will follow the current.
In addition, the roofs of huts were redone to give a better volume to them, textures bumpmap effects were applied to several objects, vehicles’ textures have been updated, weapons and various objects have the double (or sometimes the quadruple) resolution, tree leaves also have more realistic movements, plants received shadows, and more.
Those interested can download this first Chapter from ModDB or from its official web site.
FarCry 2010 Chapter 1 Release ! CryENGINE 1