Hard Reset is a truly old-school PC game

As we got our hands on Hard Reset’s preview code, we really wanted to share some information with you before posting our PC performance analysis. As the title suggests, Hard Reset is a truly PC game and takes advantage of modern day’s GPUs and CPUs. Oh yeah, this game is definitely benefited from a quadcore and there is already an SLI profile for it that offers great scaling.
The game features similar panels with those of Doom3, interactivity and destructibility are great and will remind you a lot of all those PhysX games, textures are of high-quality, the lighting and HDR effects are exceptional, the weapon arsenal is extremely good and unique, there isn’t any regeneration or covering system, there are some comic style cut-scenes and the loading bar is cleverly designed with a binary code.
We’ll have more details later this week with our performance analysis but we can safely say that Hard Reset is an extremely polished and high quality first person shooter game. Oh, and it has an “Unreal-feel” to it.
Stay tuned for more!