REFUSION is a promising FPS/RTS Hybrid, Debut In-Game Footage Unveiled

REFUSION is a fusion of two game genres: the First Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy, where players will experience top FPS graphics and physics with RTS diversity. The game is being developed by Gumpanela Entertainment, and you can find below its debut in-game trailer. Our biggest gripe with what Gumpanela showcased is the – somehow – low LOD settings that were used, so here is hoping that we’ll be able to adjust it to our likings. Apart from that, though, REFUSION has a lot of potential, looks great and supports huge environments.
REFUSION promises to bring the best of both worlds together, integrating players with different roles and different levels of gaming in the same place at the same time for a great game-playing experience. Together, these FPS and RTS players create a worldwide living multiplayer game.
The game will be composed from tremendous amount of units and buildings with their own physical attributes that allows them to exist even after their partial destruction. REFUSION’s render engine generates the super high visual quality of FPS as well as superior visual diversity of RTS.
REFUSION runs on our proprietary technology SamOne Engine, and its first executable build will be released in a couple of months.
REFUSION - The showcase of development status