Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad – Fall 2012 Free Content Pack Announced

Tripwire Interactive announced today the latest Free Content Pack for Red Orchestra 2 – the Fall 2012 Free Content Pack. This time around, there are two key elements to the pack: a brand new map, plus a redesign of the Countdown game mode.
The new map is Barashka, a re-imagining and re-working of an old favorite from the original Red Orchestra. This brings in combined arms combat, villages, bridges and a river crossing to fight for. The map features both Territory and Countdown game modes.
For the Countdown game mode, simplified and improved match flow and user interface will make it much simpler to understand, making for much more instant and direct battles. We should note that Tripwire will be issuing Double XP towards your Honor from today in Countdown mode!
Tripwire has also stated that there are a host of other updates to the game. These include requests from the community, such as walk while actively firing machine guns from the hip; increased stamina pool in Classic; chat system refinements and more.
All of this is available for free to everyone who already owns the game.
Red Orchestra 2 Fall Trailer 2012