Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Beta receives Second Huge Patch

Okay guys, we know that Red Orchestra 2 is a bit messed up but that is precisely why it’s in the beta phase. Additionally, we should note that we are really impressed with Tripwire’s dedication to fix all those bugs and issues that plaqued their game.
We’ve participated in a lot of betas and we kind of missed what was happening some years ago, when games were full of bugs. Well, seems that Tripwire decided to remind us the whole point of a beta phase and most importantly, the company wants to fix most of the issues that were reported as soon as possible. The result? Another huge beta update in less than a week. Now that’s how beta phases should be.
This latest update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
And here is the changelog for it:
-New maps (Commissar’s House, Station, Spartanovka, Pavlov’s House)
-Client Performance Optimizations
-Client and Server crash fixes
-Improvements to hit detection
-Punkbuster Anti-Cheat can now be used by servers and is on by default
-Added enable PunkBuster setting and PunkBuster disabled warning in Server Browser
-Removed the ability to swap teams from the class select menu. Instead, there is now a button to open the team select menu. This will reduce some confusing ‘Role is taken’ messages.
-Adjustments to weapon unlocks for each class. Veteran marksman now unlock semi auto sniper rifles, veteran anti-tank now unlock satchels, and more.
-RO1 players will now get automatic bayonet upgrades for the Kar98 and Mosin rifle without needing to level these weapons first.
-Mid-game map voting will now immediately change maps if enough players vote.
-Fixed some reloading issues for weapons with stripper clips (G41, Kar98, etc)
-Fixed problems with enemy spotted from inside a tank
-Fixed occasionally seeing your dead self with no head or arms
-Fixed an exploit with cover allowing super speedy firing for rifles
-Fixed getting stuck inside geometry in some places when mantling
-Fixed glitchy camera view when rotating into a wall while prone
-Fixed an issue with map boundaries during Firefight sudden death
-Several spawning bugs squashed
-Fixed some issues with player progression
-Added sorting by column to the Server Browser
-Fixed server crashing due to Steamworks not being properly cleaned up
-Fixed server crashing when using PunkBuster UCON system
-Fixed Ranked vs. Unranked issues. It really works this time. Really Really
-Fixed some Spawning and Role Selection issues
-Fixed VOIP notifications not appearing and often crossing Public/Team channels
Video Settings menu refinement
-Added ability to cancel changes
-Exposed Ultra texture quality settings to only machines that have enough memory
-New Occlusion Culling Graphical Setting – higher setting will have less object “pop-in” but be slow (original default in previous beta), normal setting will run better but have a bit more object “pop-in” (New default). Will provide significantly better frame rates on normal setting.
-The maximum video setting a system will be assigned on startup is high.
-Added MaxAnisotropy of 16 to Ultra texture settings
-Added ‘stat perfdump’ console command to get better information about poor performance people are seeing.
-Memory Optimization for 32 bit machines.
-Fixed exploit of glowing characters on low shadow settings
-Ping now shows in the scoreboard
-Fixed binoculars not working properly when a non-standard ironsights FOV was set on rifles
-Modified network relevancy checking to reduce characters popping in
-Added the ability to enable and disable VAC for servers on the commandline (overrides what is in the ini files). To enable VAC add the switch -VACSECURED to your commandline. To disable VAC add -NOVAC to your commandline.
-Added the ability to override the automatically calculated Steam query port. Use SteamPort=<OverridePortNumbe> on your commandline. Note: Has not been heavily tested, use at your own risk
-Fixed an issue with AI swapping positions while a player was dead and waiting to take over positions in a tank. This made it appear that some positions were “coming back to life”
-Fixed some vehicle AI bugs
-Fixed not being able to kill the hull MGer or tank gunner in the Panzer IV if they were a human player
-Created an intelligent system to grab bullet from partial clips before moving on to whole clips. This prevents you from ending up with all of your clips having just a few rounds missing.
-Fixed getting bullet whizzed by guys that are not even facing you (I.e. shooting away from you). Also fixed double replication of some hit impacts/bullet whizzes.
-Refined speedhack detection to have less false positives


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