Red Faction receives an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, available for download

Red Faction fans, here is something for you today. Captain Dagon has just released an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for the first Red Faction game that upscales all textures by 4X using AI techniques. Moreover, Dagon shared with us some screenshots, showcasing the new upscaled textures, that you can find below.

Now I have to say that some textures look great, while others – like the terrain textures – look really blurry and low-res. I don’t know if the original terrain textures looked worse than what is being shown here, however I was expecting better results for the terrain.

Here is what Dagon told us about those blurry textures:

“Every single texture has been up scaled by 4x but the job of the original artists was a bit poor on some textures, those floor textures where almost a blur on the original game and because of that is not posible to get more detail out of them although compared to the original textures, they look better.”

Still, this HD Texture Pack is pretty much essential for all those who want to replay this classic title. Red Faction came out in 2001 and this Texture Pack will slightly improve overall image quality (while also retain its original atmosphere).

All you have to do in order to install this pack is unzip the pack (that you can download from here), drop the files on the Main Red Faction folder next to the game Executables and run the game. The modder also recommends downloading Pure Faction in order to play the game at higher resolutions on modern systems.

Have fun everyone!