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Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement overhaul mod resumes development

In September, we revealed Take-Two’s attempts to shut down the Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement mod. And today, GamingDamned announced that he has resumed development for this mod.

Red Dead Redemption: Enhancement Project aims to improve the game’s visuals via the RPCS3 and Xenia emulators. This project will bring higher quality textures, UI/UX menu elements, and in-game HUD. Moreover, there are plans for draw distance optimizations, shader and model updates, and other features.

As the modder has noted, players will need to buy the game in order to use this mod. This mod will not contain the game itself or any illegal ISO files. Furthermore, Online Mode will be disabled and the mod won’t work when you go online; this is a single-player only mod.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of Take-Two, and whether it will try to, once again, shut it down. However, and after the backlash the company received over its first attempt, I believe that it will allow it. After all, the mod requires an actual copy of the game.

Stay tuned for more!