Rebellion: Sniper Elite 3 – And All Future Titles – Will Officially Support AMD’s Mantle

Sniper Elite 3

And here comes another developer. Rebellion announced today that it will officially support AMD’s Mantle and that its first title with support for it will be Sniper Elite 3. Rebellion has also revealed that its future games will support this new API and will be powered by its in-house engine, Aurora Asura; an engine that supports tessellation, DirectX 11 Compute Shaders, AMD Eyefinity technology, multi-GPU support and more.

Rebellion’s CTO and Co-founder, Chris Kingsley said:

“As one of Europe’s leading independent games studios we’re dedicated to constantly pushing our technology as far as we can, and we’re excited about the possibilities that Mantle brings to PC gaming and the industry as a whole.”

Rebellion CEO and Creative Director, Jason Kingsley added:

“We believe that supporting Mantle will enable us to stay on the bleeding edge of PC gaming and ensure that we don’t leave any performance on the table when it comes to offering gamers amazing experiences.

Our first Mantle supported title will of course be our flagship 2014 game, Sniper Elite 3. And although we can’t talk about them right now we can’t wait to reveal even more titles with Mantle support in the next year.”

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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