Real Farm is now available

SOEDESCO has announced that Real Farm is now available on the PC. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team released the game’s launch trailer, and you can watch it below. Moreover, SOEDESCO will let its community to decide the game’s future direction.

Real Farm offers the real farming experience and SOEDESCO has been, and still are, reaching out to the community. It’s up to the community to decide the direction Real Farm is going in. SOEDESCO is asking them what they want to see in future updates and DLC of Real Farm, to expand upon its experience. Many different suggestions have been made, from adding horses, to realistic irrigation and weather conditions, the community has been very vocal and creative on what they’d like to see in Real Farm.

In Real Farm, players can choose to play the game in Free mode or Career mode. Free mode offers the traditional simulator experience, but Career mode offers a whole new experience. Players start from the bottom and have to work their way up, doing jobs for other farmers until they can buy their own vehicles, equipment and farm. Apart from that, the game has an extensive, reactive economic system.

SOEDESCO recommends an Intel Core i5 4th Gen or AMD A10 series in order to run the game. The team also suggests 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX950.


Real Farm - Launch trailer - PEGI