Rayman Origins PC – Retail version will be DRM-free, Digital version will use TAGES-SolidShield

A lot of PC gamers were jumping up and down when Ubisoft announced that Rayman Origins would hit the PC and its retail version would be DRM-free. But what about its digital versions? Well, the news are not as good as you’d hope to as┬áRayman Origins PC Digital will use TAGES-SolidShield. That is suggested by both Impulse and GamersGate and was confirmed by Ubisoft themselves, so get ready for that annoying ‘5 machine activation’ limit.
Moreover, Ubisoft has revealed that those who pre-order Rayman Origins from Steam will also get, for free, Rayman 2. Pretty cool.
Rayman Origins PC is currently planned for a March 29th release!