Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Major PC Stuttering Issues Still Present Post Patch

Ubisoft released today the third major update for the PC version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. While the French company listed 300 bugs that were fixed, it still has not addressed one major issue that plagues the PC version, and that is no other than the stutter issues that happen randomly and make the game completely unplayable.

In order to showcase this issue, we captured a video. Do note that this stuttering issue happens in both Single-GPU and SLI modes. Not only that, but we decided to lower our resolution at 720p in order to prove that those stutters are not caused by our VRAM. As you can see, only 1.7GB of our GTX690’s VRAM were being used, yet the game still suffered from those stutters. In addition, you can notice this stuttering side effect even while we are browsing the game’s menu (pay attention to the mouse cursor).

Whenever those stutters occur, we can see Arno’s hair going crazy. It’s as if the physics are being reset each time those stutters happen. We don’t know whether Ubisoft has messed up physics calculations or not, but there is something fishy going on under the game’s hood.

What’s really weird here, is that these stutters occur randomly. Sometimes they are present from the get-go, while other times they appear right after a cut-scene.

Here is hoping that this video will find its way to Ubisoft’s forums, and that the development team will be able to fix it via a future patch. Still, it is really funny – for lack of a better word – that the game is still broken (and completely unplayable for some) even after three whole patches. Guess PC gamers will be lucky if the game is fixed by Christmas.

Assassin's Creed Unity - PC Stuttering Issues Still Present